Monday, June 1, 2020

What to do if you are caught in a mob

This was shared as public safety announcement from someone I trust and who has been in some similar situations. With the civil unrest, it's prudent for us to know how to handle ourselves if we find ourselves in a car during a riot/mob scene. Stay safe out there.
What you are about to read is the short and to the point of what to do if a mob descends upon you.
1. Gather intelligence prior to embarkation from the safest place you know (home/work). Use the radio, local AM and news media to determine where the mob is moving. Avoid and find alternate routes if you must move. Always have at least three routes planned and what the criteria is for a contingency if you need to abandon the primary route. know where the choke points are, know where the nearest hospital in route is, know the police stations in route. Make sure you are in an SUV 4x4 or truck and it is in reliable condition. Do not attempt in a low front wheel drive car, they are to easily stopped. Knowing is half the battle, gather information and use it to make informed decisions about movement. When I did PSD for the Israeli MOD this was life.
2. If you are driving and it appears the mob is ahead or traffic is strangely congested, TURN AROUND. Go back and take an alternate or if that's not safe bunker up at the SP. Do not get trapped in gridlock.
3. If you are driving and are suddenly descended upon and you can see out the other side, meaning that with 100% certainty you can drive through, around or over the mass you must commit to actions. From a legal perspective you are faced with deadly force in that moment. There are countless clips of people being pulled out and killed by the mob when they hesitate. Commit to actions, but only if the crowd is penetrable. Likely if they are established they will have employed stop sticks, spikes or have a plan to throw a paint on your windshield etc. (this happened to us a lot) Again be sure you can escape. If you injure someone, don’t stop or mob will lynch you. Call your lawyer and shut your mouth.
4. If you are trapped and can not turn around easily, you see the mass moving to you about 100-50 meters out, deploy several CS gas grenades in their direction. This will do several things, 1 it will slow them down, 2 it will buy you time to egress back on foot out of congestion and find alternate transport like a taxi or another car (whatever it takes to survive). 3 Many will assume it is police and this too will change their behavior. Remember that as soon as they face an organized resistance from riot police or the national guard they are not so brave.
5. If your car is stuck and the mass is moving and you are in too deep to escape easily or quickly commandeer transportation then…for by clever deception though shalt wage war. Cover your face, pick up a weapon and blend in, even pretend to be a looter so long as you fool the mass. Then you will be unremarkable. Do not attempt to defend your car or in any way show the mob that you are self interested in anything but contributing to society's demise. This will enable egress.
6. If you must protect a child, woman or elderly then you must be armed to effectively do so. You cannot fight a mob, they will kill you. If your life is threatened outside the vehicle (did I mention, never commit to the car if stationary) then this is your moment to be the badass you think you are and get out with your life and those of your loved ones. That is the one moment when all else has failed and you must be ruthless.
Take a look at what can happen at worst. This is a clip from 1988 in Northern Ireland when two British soldiers were lynched while driving.
Anthony Burke