Wednesday, June 20, 2018

GORUCK Custom Land Navigation Heavy AAR

GORUCK Custom Land Navigation Heavy AAR - Class 259

Where to even start with this event? It has been in the works for a long time and the day finally arrived Saturday 6/16/18.  A bit of background on this event. First and foremost, it is a Heavy which means 24ish hours, lots of miles and hard work. The “theme”, if you will, of the event was Land Navigation which is a great topic and being able to learn skills from the Cadre would be awesome. The location was going to provide some fantastic terrain for us, especially since we live in flat-as-a-board Ohio. How hard could mountains near Los Angeles really be?  Over a few months the gear list grew and adapted to accommodate the situation. As we’d be in a very arid environment in June, it was mandated that 9 liters of water per person must be carried, at a minimum. We also needed maps of the Areas of Operation (AO) which there were 2, compass, map protractor, pencils, notepad, machete, clear glasses for night operations (nobody wants a stick in the eye), headlamps with extra batteries and whatever else you think you might need for 24 hours of movement.

TL;DR - This event was awesome, educational, very challenging, 26+ hours of fun and 32+ miles covered in the mountains. Cadre Shredder and Cadre DS obviously put a ton of work into planning this out and it showed. The support crew from Super-D was awesome and we couldn’t have been as successful as we were without them. Details (lots and lots of details) below.