Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Countires I have visited

It seems today is going to be one of those "brain itch" days where pent up blog post ideas come to fruition. This is a great example of one of those.

I was talking with a colleague this week and he asked where all I had been and I wished I had a concise list to share. I have tossed this around as an idea before and now it's done.  I'll add a new country next April when we visit New Zealand but until then, this is as current as I can recall.

While I am at it, here's the US map of places I have visited.
I need to get around a bit more in my opinion. I enjoy seeing new places.  Most countries I have visited I would go back again but there are a few I can live the rest of my life without going to again. Out of respect for everyone I won't post the names of the places I didn't like.

Race Schedule for 2017

Updated 11/14/17
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