Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here we go.....

I finally decided I needed to do some blogging, so here we go. Before we get into the fun stuff, let's talk a bit about who I am. This will help you decide if you are in the right place or not.

My name is Ron Fuller and I work as a Technology Solutions Architect with Cisco in Dublin, Ohio. I work with our Enterprise customers on data center architecture, which means I'm not a product guy per se. Architectures can be enabled by a product or suite of products though I happen to think some enable it better than others. ;) I am a dual CCIE #5851 (Routing and Switching and Storage Networking) and have held a myriad of certification from other vendors including Novell - where I started my certification track and was a Master CNE, VMware, SNIA, Microsoft, HP, Okidata, IBM, ISC2, CompTIA and more. Certifications have been a focal point for me early in my career and certainly opened doors that would have otherwise remained closed in tough times.

I have had the opportunity to be published a few times and my latest effort was a collaboration with two great guys who I am lucky to call friends as well, David Jansen and Kevin Corbin. We created NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching: Next-Generation Data Center Architectures with CiscoPress. The book was released last June and we're already working on a 2nd Edition because of the many changes and innovations NX-OS has brought to market in the last few months and those coming! I have a passion for NX-OS and if you've been following me on Twitter (@ccie5851) you might have picked up on it. ;) I have a sticker on my laptop that says it all.

On a personal front, my wife and I have four awesome, smart, creative, cute....you get the picture...kids. We live north of Columbus OH and love to travel- WITH the kids - especially if there is a F1 race involved. We've become very adept at long haul travel with kids and have taken them with us to Japan, England, France, Germany, Australia and our last big adventure, China. I may blog about the science of traveling with little ones in the future. We think we've got a good system but may be biased.

As I mentioned earlier, F1 is a great excuse to travel and for that matter, I'm a fan of most autosports though F1 holds a special place in my heart. It is the perfect integration of technology (I'm a geek after all!) and speed, exotic locations and competition. I do watch Indycar and it's probably best to say I monitor NASCAR. NASCAR has so many races and they are so long that it becomes quite the commitment to actually WATCH every race. I still miss the days of Dale and Rusty beating and banging on each other, but as with all things, change happens.

I'm sure more of my idiosyncrasies will emerge as I write, but know that I plan to discuss NX-OS and Nexus switching, some UCS action, MDS and whatever else comes up. Its an exciting time in the Data Center space and I couldn't be happier to be hip-deep in the action!

Thanks for taking the time and see you around.


  1. Welcome! Have fun with your blog. I for one am interested in the science of travelling with kids (just two here) as well.

  2. Hey Mate, great to see you blogging :)

    Can't wait to read what you have for us mere mortals!


  3. Not sure how I've missed your blog thus far, but I'm here for the ride now.. btw.. I LOVE THAT STICKER. Although, I do have a photo somewhere of a "I <3 JunOS" sticker on our Nexus 7010.. (it was not permanently affixed.. )

  4. I'm doing a roll out of a dual nexus 7k 7010 core with 5548 and 2248s with vPC proposed each 7k will go in a different DC and the 5ks will have vPCs between them and the 7ks. its my understanding that there are some quirks with vPCs and routed vlans vs non routed vlans and just a lot of confusion from the cisco SE on how it all works. And there is not a lot of docs on the Cisco site to help out. Any where you can point me for some additional docs or training guides? I work for a gold partner and am trying to learn the right way to implement this vs just figuring it out as we go.

    thank you

  5. Bob,
    First off thanks for reading and being a gold partner! Just saw your message and don't have time to respond to it just now, but will. vPCs, routing and VLANs are not a simple topic. As you said, there are some quirks and I want to make sure you have a successful implementation.