Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Race Schedule for 2017

Updated 11/14/17
As a bit of a departure from my normal technical blogs I wanted to get this out there about what I currently enjoy doing on weekends and challenging myself. That said….

Here’s the list of already planned races we’ll do in 2017.  Some are with the family and some are just my son and I. Hopefully we’ll add plenty more as we go but you have to start somewhere and the big goal for 2017 is to complete a double trifecta for Spartan Race. As a stretch goal, I’d like to complete an ultra marathon, but that’ll come closer to the end of the year as I know I can’t tackle it in my current shape.

January – Ohio Health First on the 1st- DONE
January – OH – Rocks and Roots Winter Trail Series 10k Info - DONE
February 11th - IN - Be My Valentine Cupcake 5k- DONE
February 12th – OH – Rocks and Roots Winter Trail Series 20k Info - DONE

March – NY - Spartan Winter Sprint – Greek Peak Resort  Info - - DONE

April 15th - OH - Westerville Bunny Hop 5K - Info - DONE

April 23rd - OH - Dirt of the Earth 1/2 marathon Trail Race - Info - DONE

April 29th - OH - Capital City Half Marathon - Info - DONE (9 miles on pavement 4.1 on treadmill due to weather.

May 7th - Spartan Workout Tour - Indianapolis - DONE
May – Ohio – Spartan Kids race on Saturday and Hurricane Heat 4H on Sunday Info
May 27th - New Moon Quarter Marathon - Info - DONE
May 28th - Field of Heroes 5k - Info - DONE
June 3rd - IN - Summer Night Trail Half Marathon - Info - DONE

June 10th – IL – Chicago Super and Hurricane Heat Info - DONE

June 17th - Ohio - Black Swamp Runner OCR - Info - DONE - 2 Laps!

July 8th - IN - Hurricane Heat - Info - DONE

July 22nd – KY – Fort Knox Sprint - Info - DONE

July 29th - MI - Warrior Dash - Info - DONE

August 20th - Hoot 1/2 Marathon - Info - DONE

August 26th – WV – Summit Bechtel Beast – also part of the 2017 US Championship Series Info - DONE

September 9th– MI – Super at Michigan International Speedway – hopefully with @ccie5952 Info - DONE

September 22nd - OH - GoRuck Constellation - Info - DONE

October 1st - OH - GoRuck Mogadishu Mile - Info

October 7th - OH - Feral Hog 50k - Info - DONE - DNF - Made it 21 miles and dropped due to injury

October 28th - TX - Ultra Beast - Rough Creek Lodge & Resort - Info - DNS - IT Band Issues
November 11th - IN - GoRuck Veteran's Day Light - Info - DONE

November 23rd - OH - Delaware Turkey Trot - Info
November 24th - Brokeman's OptOutside Out and Back - Info
December 15th - Iceland - Ultra World Championships - Info 

This will get us double trifecta and includes some unique races like the Winter Sprint and the Military Sprint at Fort Knox plus a Hurricane Heat 4 hour endurance event in the mix. I’d like to get a stadium series race in there somewhere too, but none are that close to us so will take some creative planning to pull off.

My son still wants to do an Ultra Beast and we’ll have to gauge our abilities between now and when we get closer.  I think we both need more speed and endurance to seriously consider being able to tackle one.
Good grief - what have I done?! We just signed up for the Dallas Ultra Beast.  26+ miles, 50+ obstacles - oh my......

Of course we’ll fit in the Bunny Hops, Turkey Trots and other fun 5Ks as the come up.

I am interested to hear from anyone who enjoys doing stuff like this.

Here's my trifecta from 2016 a feat I never would have imagined I'd accomplish when I started down this path.


  1. My son and I also enjoy doing Spartans together. We'll be doing the NJ Beast at the end of April and will also be at Bechtel for the Super.

  2. Awesome! I hear the NJ Beast is a brutal course. We expect Bechtel to be a real challenge as it is a Championship event. Good luck on yources!