Monday, September 11, 2017

Free NSX Books

FREE NSX Books - Updated 8/6/2018

It doesn't get much better than this - free books about NSX and they feature some of the most relevant topics customers ask about!

Micro-segmentation is a use case that so many customers benefit from and we offer two books. The first is a Day One planning guide and the 2nd is a Day Two operations guide.

The next is a hot topic of Operationalizing NSX and provide guidance for some thought provoking questions organizations face as they adapt and mature their IT organizations.

A great addition to the knowledge base is Automation with PowerNSX. This is a stellar resource to help harness the strength of PowerNSX to help customers on their journey to automation nirvana.

A new book to add to the portfolio helps address some of the requirements for Small and Medium Business.

The newest additions to the library cover more hot and relevant topics including Cross vCenter NSX Designs and Automation Fundamentals.

I love how this series keeps growing!

NSX Micro-Segmentation Day 1 Guide

Building VMware NSX Powered Clouds and Data Centers for Small and Medium Businesses

VMware NSX Automation Fundamentals

I hope you'll enjoy these free resources and spread the good word! 

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