Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Custom Woodland Heavy GORUCK Event

Does the idea of learning how to navigate in the mountains while also physically and mentally challenging yourself appeal or interest you?  If so, read on. If not, this event might not be up your alley.

This June (16th-17th) a group of amazing people will be converging on the mountains in the San Bernadino national forest near Los Angeles. Their goal will be to participate in a custom designed GORUCK event for 24 hours of physical and mental challenges with a special focus on navigation skills. This means map reading, compass use, taking and following a bearing, not only in the day, but also at night. We’ll be led by Cadre Shredder who has promised to make it an event to remember. Cadre Shredder served in the US Army Special Forces so, yeah...he knows what he is doing.

As of the writing of this, we have ten people registered and are looking for 15 more to confirm it and I am hoping writing this will help provide a source of information for people who might not be aware of it. The event is $238 and is a real value even when you compare it to some of the newly announced GORUCK events. Here's a quick reference chart.

Your first question might be can I be ready for the physical aspects of this? Maybe….maybe not. The good news is we have time to train and get ready over the next 16 weeks. Even if you feel ready, training will help you enjoy it even more if you are conditioned.

Next question is why? I can’t answer your “Why?” but I know mine. I’ve always enjoyed hiking, the outdoors and challenging myself. This event will connect all of these into a single 24 hour experience that will be amazing. Being awake and moving during the night and in the mountains should provide
some amazing views of Los Angeles and hopefully some incredible stars. I’m also envisioning a spectacular sunrise view as well. These types of experiences are part of my Why.  The rest of the reasons are very personal so I’ll keep them to myself.
Finally, where can I get resources to help me prepare?  Look no further than these 3 that have been recommended.

GORUCK – http://goruck.com

Now that you have the resources, you can learn more about the team we are building, payment details and more in this Facebook group.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1554001507986889/

I would love to see you join us for this event.

*Images courtesy of Cade Shredder and Dem Itry.

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