Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Race and Event Schedule

2019 Race and Event Schedule

As I did in 2018, I wanted to keep a public schedule of my races and events. I think this year will include a lot more trail running, fewer OCRs and a handful of GORUCK Endurance events. The transition away from OCRs is a long story for another time but in short, I enjoy the other events more.  Here is a picture of my "home" trail system, Rocks and Roots north of Columbus, OH. Truly every time I run there, I leave with a smile.
Jan 6 - Rocks and Roots Winter Trail Series - Race #1 - INFO - 20k Done

Jan 18th - GORUCK Battle of the Bulge Tough - INFO - DONE

Feb 10th - Rocks and Roots Winter Trail Series - Race #2 - INFO - DONE - Rucked 20k

March 2nd - GORUCK - Arnold Classic Light - Custom Event

March 9th - Spartan Greek Peak Winter Sprint - INFO

March 17th - Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon - INFO - DONE

April 6th - Forget the PR 25k - INFO - DONE

April 13th - GORUCK Star Course 26.2 - INFO DNF - Med Drop 16 miles

April 20th - Bunny Hop 5k - INFO - DONE

April 25th-27th - GORUCK Double Heavy - Custom Event - Only LandNav Heavy Completed

May 11th - Thunderbunny 25k - INFO - DONE

May 26th - Field of Heroes 5k - INFO - DONE

June 1 - GORUCK D-Day Tough - Indianapolis, IN - INFO

June 14-15th - GORUCK Battle of Ramadi Tough & Light - INFO

Sept 28/29th - GORUCK Land Nav Heavy South - Arizona - INFO

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