Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NX-OS Configuration Fundamentals LiveLesson

After a long wait, months of work countless hours of trial and error I am happy to say that the video for the CiscoPress NX-OS Configuration Fundamentals LiveLessons has been published!  Dave, Matt and I as well as the many people at CiscoPress/Pearson worked dilligently to make this happen.

We recorded it in Sept and some of you may recall the pictures and Tweets from the session. It was incredible to get to work in a profession recording studio.  We had green screens, a soundproof booth and studio quality cameras.  Here are some pictures.

Big green screen room. Matt recorded the most in here and both he and Dave did a whiteboard session.  We also recorded the opening intro here.

 Conference room turned studio. It was unusual for them to have 3 people for a title so some improvisation was needed.  Both Dave and I recorded some video in here.

We were "On the air" when in the big green screen room!
Sound booth - this was small and somewhat claustrophobic.  I recorded two of my lessons in here.

View of the interior of the sound booth. It's like the TARDIS in that it is bigger on the inside, but spend 2 days in here and get back to me on the spacial aspects. 

As for the content, a question I am sure will get asked is "Why buy this if I have the book?"  Great question and we made it a point to cover current topics that were not available when the book was published.  We discuss new OTV features, SPAN and ERSPAN enhancements, L2 MPLS VPNs, FabricPath in depth and a lot more.  We also made it a point to not just read the book to you, but add real world value from our experiences.  We also focused on key point in each topic so we don't bore you to tears with some of the topics we cover in more detail in the book (QoS comes to mind).

All in all, we really tried to make this a valuable companion to the book and hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun making it for you!

Finally, a link to buy the videos.

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  1. Congrats, Ron. I've spent some time in a sound booth. It's fun (and a little terrifying) to imagine you're at the bottom of the ocean. Minor correction needed to make the last link to buy the videos a live link by the way.