Monday, May 9, 2016

VMworld 2016 Voting Begins

I am very excited to have submitted four sessions to present at VMworld this year. I'm not new to the conference scene as a quick review of my history will tell you. I was awarded Distinguished Speaker for Cisco Live twice - once in Australia and once in the USA. I guess I like to talk.  ;)

One interesting aspect for VMworld is that we like to have feedback from the community about the sessions they'd like to see. This is where *you* come in! Part of the factoring for session approval is the number of votes received. This is a good gauge as to what the VMware community considering interesting and relevant to them.  To that end I have submitted four sessions. Two are customer success stories about NSX and the others are a discussion I have with customers all the time about NSX Distributed Firewall Rule Creation with the last being a discussion about integration of Symantec Data Center Server and NSX.

First, let's see the customer success sessions:

Session title: Securely migrating to NSX Distributed Firewall from a 3rd party hypervisor based firewall - Submission ID: 7567

This session will discuss the process and methodology used to provide a successful migration from a 3rd party hypervisor based firewall solution to the NSX Distributed Firewall (DFW). The University of Michigan was faced with End of Life of their 3rd party hypervisor based firewall solution and needed a replacement to meet their cloud initiatives and their scale requirements. The planning, testing and the methodology used to migrate successfully to NSX will be reviewed and best practices shared.

Session title: Migrating from a hardware based firewall to NSX to improve performance and compliance - Submission ID: 8174

This technical session will discuss how AT Still University (ATSU) replaced their hardware firewalls with VMware NSX with minimal disruption to the business and improved their compliance capabilities. ATSU is a university focused on healthcare, HIPPA requirements must be met to secure sensitive medical records. The challenge was how to deploy a firewall that met their scale requirements, was cost effective and improved their compliance posture. The planning, implementation and validation plan will be discussed as well as challenges faced and obstacles that were overcome.

Finally, my submissions:

Session title: Practical NSX Distributed Firewall Policy Creation - Submission ID: 7568

The Distributed Firewall (DFW) within NSX is a powerful tool capable of providing industry leading micro-segmentation. One of the common considerations customers have is how to best create a zero trust security policy in their existing environment where application ports and protocols used may not be well understood. This session will discuss multiple examples of how customers have successfully addressed these needs with tools such as Netflow, syslog, flow monitor and port mirror.

Session title: Advanced Threat Protection with NSX and Symantec Data Center Security - Submission ID: 7697

This technical session will discuss in detail the integration of Symantec Data Center Server and NSX to provide a comprehensive threat protection solution. The methodology used to steer traffic in NSX will be reviewed to provide a foundation. The integration of Symantec Data Center Server will be reviewed and common use cases will be explained and illustrated.

Voting for sessions end on May 24th and can be done here:

Thank you for your time and consideration and hope to see you in Las Vegas and Barcelona!

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