Wednesday, June 22, 2016

VMworld 2016 - Let's Do This

As you may know, I submitted multiple session proposals for VMworld 2016. After the voting process was complete, internal distillation of overlapping sessions and whatever other considerations are done, I received multiple emails. They all had the title of "Your VMworld 2016 Session Proposal" so no quick hints as to what they said. The first was the bad news - one of my sessions wasn't selected at all.  No surprise I didn't think that session had much of a chance but it never hurts to try. Another email indicated that two of my submissions had been combined into customer speaking panels.  This is great news as my customers get a chance to speak and don't have to develop any content!  Win for them!

The last email was that the last session had been selected for VMworld in both the US and Europe! Vegas and Barcelona, baby!  I'll be discussing "Practical NSX Distributed Firewall Policy Creation" in session 7568. Not only will I be speaking, but one of my customers will be sharing his real world experiences as well.

The abstract for the session reads as: "The Distributed Firewall (DFW) within NSX is a powerful tool capable of providing industry leading micro-segmentation. One of the common considerations customers have is how to best create a zero trust security policy in their existing environment where application ports and protocols used may not be well understood. This session will discuss multiple examples of how customers have successfully addressed these needs with tools such as Netflow, syslog, flow monitor and port mirror."

This will be a fun session and I can't wait to deliver it in August and October!  To add to the joy, I've submitted a session for vBrownBag, too.  Should be a fun and busy conference!

The entire VMworld content catalog can be found here:

There are so many good sessions to pick from and I know even if I tried, I won't be able to see them all.  I'm already eager to see the recordings that will be posted after the event!

See you in Las Vegas and/or Barcelona!

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