Thursday, July 21, 2016

VMworld 2016 Sessions I am Excited About

As VMworld draws closer and the scheduler tool is active, I am really looking at the sessions I'll try to attend while I am in Vegas. I expect to actually sit in just a few of them because as a VMware employee, we cannot pre-register and must wait until very close to the session start time. This policy, of course, makes perfect sense as ultimately it is a customer-first event but it's nice to get to see the other sessions as well.

The overall VMworld Catalog can be found here:  Catalog

In alphabetical order, here are the top 10 14 NSX sessions I am most interested in. 10 just wasn't enough!

Advanced NSX Troubleshooting: Tips & Tricks for Experienced Users [NET8680]
I always like to hear from customers and learn from their experience, especially when it relates to operations.

Automating Traffic Visibility for the Software-Defined Data Center [NET9069]
Traffic visibility is always important in a network, especially a virtualized one, so this should be interesting!

How to Deploy VMware NSX with Cisco Infrastructure [NET8364] 
I know both of the speakers and worked with Phil on the same team for a few year at Cisco(his CCIE is older than mine!) and look forward to hearing their insights on the latest designs with Cisco infrastructure.

Introduction to Application Continuity with VMware NSX [NET7837]
This is a great use case for NSX and a topic that impacts so many of our customers.

Multisite Networking and Security with Cross-vCenter NSX—Part 1 [NET7854R]
There are two parts to this session, but I'm going to consider it as one. This dovetails nicely into the Application Continuity session and is something customers ask about all of the time.

NSX for vSphere Logical Routing Deep Dive [NET8131]
At my heart, I'm  still a routing guy, so this session should be fun. 

NSX on Cisco ACI Customer Panel [NET8729]
I can't wait to hear from our customers who have deployed NSX on Cisco's ACI fabric.

NSX Operationalization: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Your NSX Software Defined Data Center [NET8082]
Operations is such an important topic for customers who are evolving to the SDDC world.

NSX Security and Micro-segmentation Customer Panel [SEC8730]
One of my customers is on this panel!

Operational Best Practices for VMware NSX [NET7865]
More operations - see a trend?  ;)

Operationalizing NSX Customer Panel [NET9381]  
More customer experiences with Operations.

PowerNSX and PyNSXv: Using PowerShell and Python for Automation and Management of VMware NSX for vSphere [NET7514] 
This is where so many of our customers want to strive towards - automation and PowerShell is a common tool for getting there.  I know Anthony from our collaboration on a few projects and know this will be a dynamite session.

Reference Design for SDDC with NSX and vSphere: Part 1 [NET7857R]
This is *the* NSX design session of all design sessions.  I've worked with Nimish for a long, long time and between his fun presentation style and wealth of knowledge, it'll be a brain dump!   This is also a multi-part session that I will count as one.  

The Architectural Future of Network Virtualization [NET8193R]
 A it of a departure from Operations and Day 2 topics, but it's always good to hear where we're heading.

I hope I get to see all of these and more, but I've bene "doing" these conferences since 2000 and know I'll be watching the recordings of these and many others for weeks after the event!

Which sessions are you planning on attending at VMworld 2016?

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