Wednesday, July 6, 2016

NSX host health-status

Yet another operational enhancement that came to light in NSX 6.2.3 is a quick way to validate ESXi host health with a focus on NSX requirements but also overall host health.  It's a simple command available from the NSX Manager Central CLI.

dc1-nsxmgr01> show host <host-id> health

This command will go out and collect data on the hosts and respond back with different status. As always, a heavily over-subscribed home lab doesn't disappoint in showing interesting messages. Here are some I captured:

dc1-nsxmgr01> show host host-52 health
UNHEALTHY, Host host-52 free memory percentage less than 15%: "3088"/"24575".

dc1-nsxmgr01> show host host-43 health
UNHEALTHY, Host host-43 memory is over commited: "0.05".

dc1-nsxmgr01> show host host-119 health

dc1-nsxmgr01> show host host-47 health-status
UNHEALTHY, Standard Switch "vmservice-vswitch" has no uplinks.
CRITICAL, There is no vxlan vds configured on host host-47.

One of out four isn't that bad, is it?  

If you are wondering where I got the <host-id> here's the sequence I used.

dc1-nsxmgr01> show cluster all
No.  Cluster Name   Cluster Id               Datacenter Name   Firewall Status 
1    DC1-MgmtEdge   domain-c31               DC1               Enabled         
2    DC1-Compute    domain-c33               DC1               Enabled 

This gives us the cluster-id which we can then use to expand the domain and in turn, see the host-id.

dc1-nsxmgr01> show cluster domain-c31
Datacenter: DC1
Cluster: DC1-MgmtEdge
No.  Host Name               Host Id                  Installation Status      
1   host-43                  Enabled                  
2   host-119                 Enabled                  
3   host-52                  Enabled                  

I love finding these improvements we're making!

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