Tuesday, March 28, 2017

VMworld 2017 Session Voting Is Live

It's that time of year again, where you get to play a unique role in deciding what content and speakers you want to see at VMworld 2017. This is one of the most unique attributes VMworld offers in my opinion and allows you, the customer and attendee, to help shape your conference experience.

A bit of background, I spoke at both VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas and Barcelona and was honored to have shared information with hundreds of you. Based on the scores and

feedback, you liked the content and would like to see me take it even deeper into the technical weeds. I am more than happy to oblige and as such have helped step up the geek factor of the proposals as well.  These sessions will be stellar and full of good details.

The first is a re-build of a session we did last year, with more technical details and examples.

Practical NSX DFW Policy Creation - Submission ID 1195.

Here's the abstract:

The Distributed Firewall (DFW) within NSX is a powerful tool capable of providing industry leading micro-segmentation. One of the leading considerations customers have is how to best create a zero trust security policy in their existing environment where application ports and protocols may not be well understood. This session will discuss multiple examples of how customers have successfully addresseded these needs with tools such as vRealize Network Insight, the new Application Rule Manager, Netflow, syslog and flow monitor.

The next is a deep dive in how to practically setup routing between the physical and virtual worlds. This will be a session with my friend and co-worker, Neil Moore.

Networking from Physical to Virtual and back again! - Submission ID 2022

Here's the abstract:

This session will bring online an NSX infrastructure in an environment in an already running physical environment. Showing you how NSX can be integrated into an already running environment so you can quickly migrate to the virtual infrastructure with no downtime. We will cover linking physical devices to the edge services gateway. We will cover configuring routing protocols on both the the network devices as well as NSX. Having insight into how the eco structure, from the physical switch on up, enables you to understand how the overlay and the underlay come together. 

The third session is going to speak to NSX and multicast, two topics near and dear to my heart. I will be speaking with my co-worker Sami Boutros.

Distributed Multicast Logical Router using NSX - Submission ID 2003

Here's the abstract:
We will present how we are extending the NSX infrastructure in a unique way to implement: - An IGMP proxy for the summarized IGMP reports across the distributed router instances running on different hypervisors VTEP(s), to learn about the remote VTEP(s) interest for the multicast groups. - Efficient multicast forwarding for east west, as well for north south.

Hopefully these sessions sound good to you and we can earn your votes.  

Voting is live and active here:

Voting closes April 13, 2017 - thank you for your consideration and vote!

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